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MG Motor Cluj

MG4 EV 64 kWh Excite Silver

MG4 EV 64 kWh Excite Silver

€ 36.400 (TVA inclus)


Putere Motor: 150/204 kW/CP

Cuplu motor: 250 Nm

Capacitate baterie: 64 kWh

Putere maxima incarcare AC: 11 kW

Putere Maxima încărcare DC:

Timp de Încărcare DC (10-80%):

Viteza maxima: 160 km/h

Acceleratie (0-100 km/h): sec.

Autonomie EV (WLTP): 435 km

Consum energie: 166 Wh/km

Dimensiuni: 4287 mm x 1836 mm x 1516 mm

Ampatament: 2705 mm

Garda la sol: 160 mm

Masa maxima admisa: 2123 Kg

Capacitate remorcare (neinfranata): 750 kg

Capacitate Remorcare (Franata): 1500 kg

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Excellence in Performance

Rear-wheel drive and a powerful motor, providing the umph you need for any driving situation.

  • Rear-wheel Drive: With a foundation for high-performance handling, this RWD system enables ideal front-to-rear weight distribution.
  • E-motor power 180kW: With a combined 180 kW and 350 Nm of pure torque, MG4 Electric accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.
  • 3-Level Energy Recover: MG4's Kinetic Energy Recycling System (KERS) contains three levels: light, moderate, and heavy.


Driving Pleasure

Precision steering for the even the narrowest of roads.

  • Accurate Steering: The chassis offers an extraordinary degree of steering precision, agility and suspension comfort.
  • Front and Rear 50:50: The front and rear 50:50 load and low centre of gravity, this is perfect for handling the tightest of curves.
  • 5 Drive modes: The MG4 Electric offers five different driving modes, including normal, eco, sport, snow, and custom mode.
  • One Pedal: The One Pedal feature lets you slow down and stop using only the accelerator. It also captures the energy from the vehicle’s motion to recharge your battery.


Safety Fast

  • Brake Discs for All Wheels: Equipped with the latest Continental Braking System and disc brakes across all wheels.
  • Low Resistance Tyres: By using 18-inch Bridgestone low resistance tyres, the MG4 Electric can cover the longer distances, which not only benefits the environment but cuts operating costs too.
  • Passive Safety: Thanks to MG4's high-strength body structure, reliable battery protection technology, and 6 airbags, passengers gain maximum protection from severe injury.


Intelligent technology

No need to pay extra for useful features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assist. From now on, take them as standard and enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technology.


MG iSMART connectivity system

An intelligent network system that integrates car, Internet and user communication. Ready to connect to the future?

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